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NCMOM-Charlotte 2011 & 2012 Media Links

The Charlotte Observer updates readers on the remaining volunteer needs of NCMOM-Charlotte The Charlotte Observer article

WBTV's Maureen O'Boyle captures NCMOM-Charlotte's current needs

Fox CharlotteFox News Rising's Christine Noel does NCMOM-Charlotte 2012's first interview

Our Chairperson of Medical Screening, Karen Gregory RN, shares some good information with the WBTV listeners

1110WBTListen to our public service announcements, courtesy of the fine folks at 1110 WBT AM radio. Spot 1 | Spot 2

HOLA NoticiasAtención dental gratuita el 7 y 8 de diciembre

Foundations issue challenge to pay for free dental clinic The Charlotte Observer article

FlickrFaces of NCMOM-Charlotte, courtesy of Kinsley Gregory Mull

WCNC CharlotteSee NewsChannel 36 Amy Cowman's coverage of NCMOM: Charlotte preparations, just before opening the door to receive patients

Fox CharlotteSee several coverage links, live from the clinic floor, with Fox News Rising's Wilson

WCNC CharlotteSee NewsChannel 36 Amy Cowman's coverage, live from the Convention Center, hours after the NCMOM-Charlotte clinic begins

NCMOM CharlotteDr. Scott Goodman, caught on video (via phone) during a TV interview, shares what it is all about

Read the Observer's FRONT PAGE story, published the morning NCMOM-Charlotte opened for patients The Charlotte Observer article

Read the Observer's FRONT PAGE coverage of NCMOM-Charlotte, during the clinic The Charlotte Observer article

WSOCTVRead about WSOC-TV's assessment of the effort, during clinic preparations

PRLOGRead's coverage from the clinic floor

ADARead the American Dental Association's report on NCMOM-Charlotte 2011

YouTubeWatch this YouTube "Amateur Video" taken live from the clinic from the perspective of a NC Dental Laboratory Association volunteer to gain a sense of the size and scope of NCMOM-Charlotte.

Read NCMOM-Charlotte's "thank you" to the Charlotte community from the Observer's "Letters to the Editor" section, a month after the clinic The Charlotte Observer article

Ambassador Eileen Clark, RDH brings some class to an NCMOM-Charlotte interview on WBTV News

Fox CharlotteSee NCMOM-Charlotte's interview with Terrance Bates, on Fox News Rising

See our coverage by WBTV's Maureen O'Boyle on WBTV News 3

1110WBTListen to our coverage on 1110AM WBT radio with Alan Tyson on Stacey Simms' Health Headlines, The Show

Read about NCMOM-Charlotte in this article on access to dental care in The Charlotte Observer. The Charlotte Observer article

Read about NCMOM-Charlotte in The Charlotte Post Charlotte Post

See NCMOM-Charlotte's coverage in The Charlotte Observer article

Hola Noticias Read NCMOM-Charlotte spanish coverage in Hola Noticias newspaper.

2012 Highlights

Thank You! 1759 patients served, $1,225,000 in donated services

2011 Highlights

Thank You! 2145 patients served, $1,060,000 in donated services

NCMOM Program Sponsors, 2012

  • North Carolina Dental Society
  • North Carolina Services for Dentistry
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
  • Medical Security Insurance Company
  • Charlotte Convention Center
  • Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority

NCMOM Program Partners, 2012

  • Benco Dental
  • Henry Schein
  • Patterson Dental
  • Atlanta Dental

NCMOM-Charlotte Monetary and In-Kind Value Supporters, 2012

Principal Community Benefactors ($25,000 or greater):
  • The Leon Levine Foundation - Carolinas Healthcare Foundation - Foundation for the Carolinas Challenge Grant Partnership
Sustainers ($10,000-$25,000):
  • Charlotte Dental Society
  • Family Dollar Stores
  • Showmars Restaurants
  • Gendex
Benefactors ($5,000-$9,999):
  • St. Peter's Hospital Foundation
  • The John G. Norman Family
  • Charlotte Regional Dental Health Fund
  • Second District Dental Society, NCDS
  • Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Amy Levine Dawson
  • Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties
  • Westin Charlotte
  • Pelton and Crane
  • Solution Start
  • Charlotte Department of Transportation
  • Charlotte Center City Partners
  • Philip L. Van Every Foundation
  • Hollins Exposition Services
  • Procter and Gamble / Crest
  • Colgate
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Patrons ($1,000-$4,999):
  • Mr. Rick and Mrs. Karen Gregory
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Mr. Eric and Mrs. Lori Skult
  • Total Medical Compliance
  • First Citizens Bank
  • DME Design
  • The Hall Foundation
  • E-Z Parking
  • Mr. Larry Polsky
  • A-dec Dental: Daniel and Dale Sarjeant
  • Charlotte Bobcats
  • Norsan Media
  • Friends of Nick J. Miller
  • Dr. Julie Lerner Levine
  • Order of AHEPA, Marathon Chapter # 2
  • Stanley Apothecary
  • Charlotte Emergency Dental Clinic
  • American AV
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Gorelick
  • Carolina Golf Cars
  • Tony C. Gurley RPH
  • Ms. Liz Chandler
Directors ($500 - $999):
  • Strathmore Capital Advisors
  • RBC Wealth Management - Russell Mansfield
  • Metrolina Dental Hygiene Association
  • Bank of North Carolina
  • Coca Cola Consolidated
  • Dr. Catherine Bickley
  • Mr. Coleman Burnette
  • Dr. Kenneth Corsig
  • Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Barbara Levin
  • Rogers Financial Partners
  • Finch Surgical
  • Dr. Gary Sugg
  • Dr. Raymond Kessler
  • Dentonics
  • Dr. Evan N. Miller
  • Cardinal Health
  • Eva Miller Paul
Contributors (up to $499):
  • Tilt On Trade
  • Paul and Lynn E. Lerner Edelstein
  • Dr. Michael Anderson
  • Dr. Joe H. Camp
  • Dr. William Campoli
  • Mr. David Epstein
  • Dr. Tom Fisher
  • Mr. Alvin E. Levine
  • Mr. John McGill
  • Dr. Bill Merlo
  • Dr. Bichduong Kayla Nguen
  • Mrs. Jane Ratteree, in honor of the Womens' Impact Fund
  • Marc and Mattye Silverman, in honor of Dr. Alvin Goodman and in memory of Lorraine Goodman Oudia
  • Dr. Larry Sladek
  • Dr. Marvin and Anita Shapiro
  • Dr. Remus S. Turner
  • Mr. Lawrence Toppman
  • Dr. Warren Sturm
  • Mr and Mrs. Allen Blumenthal
  • Dr. Stephanie Ballentine
  • Mr. Donald and Mrs. Barbara Bernstein
  • Dr. Grant Coleman
  • Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Ellen Fligel, in honor of Dr. Alvin Goodman
  • Mr. Brad Forrest
  • Mr. Andrew Gale
  • Dr. Gus Gianokopoulos
  • Mr. Milton and Mrs. Arlene Goldstein
  • Dr. Ernest Jerome Goodson
  • Dr. Brian Hill
  • Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Newman
  • Dr. Walt Peery
  • Mr. Rex and Mrs. Jenny Savage
  • Dr. Zachary P. Schnoor
  • Dr. Paul Tolmie
  • Ms. Gail Wilkins, in memory of Lorraine Goodman Oudia
  • Dr. Sandy Stovall
  • Dr. David W. Stroup
  • Dr. Thomas Triplett
  • Dr. Henry Wright
  • Dr. Randy Johnson
  • Ms. Lorraine Houser
  • Mr. Chip and Mrs. Kristine Lofton
  • Ms. Anna Holstein
  • Ms. Jill Blumenthal
  • Mr. Graeme Shull
  • Mr. James Wiles
  • Ms. Muriel "Mimi" Vollum
  • Dr. Elaine McNight
  • Drs. Ryan Woodman and Victoria Malz